Care Instructions

How to get the most out of your gold filled jewellery.


What is gold filled jewellery?

Gold filled jewellery is the closest you’ll find to the quality, durability and beauty of solid gold jewellery, without the price tag. Then comes gold vermeil, and finally gold plated.

It’s made by heat and pressure bonding 5% (or 3 microns) of gold to brass sheeting or wire, giving it a super thick coating of gold that is resistant to tarnishing, scratching, or rubbing off.

Although it is very durable, it isn’t solid gold and may eventually tarnish if it isn’t cared for properly.

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General Care

Avoid water where you can.

While you can get me wet, I’ll last longer if you take me off before you shower or swim.

Let’s sleep separately.

I’m delicate and need my space. Please take me off before bed so we can both get our beauty sleep.

Store me somewhere safe.

While I look pretty in the sunshine, please keep me in a jewellery box or pouch when you’re not wearing me.

 Wipe me down.

Using a soft cloth, feel free to gently polish me to a lush gleam.

I like it au naturale.

Soap, shampoo, lotion, perfume and hairspray look better on you than me.

Freshwater Pearls

Pearls may come from the sea, but once they’re out of their shell they’re super delicate. Getting them wet can cause them to erode, so it’s best to take them off before you shower or swim.


In addition to General Care:

Natural and synthetic stones are both subject to the Mohs hardness scale: where 1 is talc and 10 is a diamond. Depending on where your stone falls on this scale determines its hardness.

Water, damp and exposure to sea salt can damage stones and their settings, which is why it’s best to take them off if possible before showering or swimming. If they do get wet, dry them thoroughly and let them air dry before storage.

Serpent Chain

Stay slinky:

To keep your Serpent chain looking slippery, take extra care, as it cannot be repaired.

Shed your Serpent before you sleep (i.e. take it off before bed!) and make sure to store it nice and flat.

Don’t twist or bend the chain, as it’ll be impossible to uncoil those kinks.

Avoid soap and perfume, and wipe down with a soft cloth.

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