How to: Open and close your infinite hoop earrings

May 29, 2020
Gold filled seahorse charm sleeper hoop earrings.

Infinite hoops take minimal jewellery to the next level: without a hinge, they seem to be ‘one’ with your ear rather than an accessory. But they can be a little tricky to put in. Here’s how to do it.

There are a few styles of MAISON DE FEMMES earrings that use the 14mm and 20mm gold filled infinite hoop.

These styles include Cali Dreams, Hera, Lovebirds, Franklin, Crystal, Helios, Daisy, The Girl Who Lived, Seahorse, and can also be purchased in the Choose Your Own Adventure range.

Cali Dreams transformer earrings, $118

Basic Steps:

  1. Don’t be scared of breaking or bending them out of shape. They are surprisingly tough and even if they do seem a little out of shape, you can always bend them back into a circle. Remember to be gentle, but firm.
  2. You can twist them open more than you probably think seems appropriate to get them on.
  3. Once they’re in your ear, bend them back so that the latch goes into the clasp. I know, it’s a bit fiddly.
  4. This is key: push them together so that they latch is being pushed further into the clasp/hole. I know it might seem like you’ll bend them out of shape, but if you’re gentle, yet firm, they will be fine!

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Jess Kumanovski

Owner of Maison de Femmes and founder/editor at SASCHEUR. Dreamer, feminist and hopeful romantic. Highly skilled at untangling jewellery and falling in love with the wrong men.
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