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In Homer’s Odyssey, the goddess Calypso (whose name means ‘to conceal’) imprisoned Odysseus for seven years, hoping to make him her husband. She enchanted him with her singing, and reluctantly let him go when Zeus asked her to release him.

Which is why she makes the perfect namesake for these earrings. The 18K gold-plated clam shells each hide a freshwater pearl, and their pretty shimmer is enchanting enough that you don’t need to sing to every guy you date.

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  • Each earring has six (6) freshwater pearls: two 10mm and four 5mm. Due to their natural beauty, vary in size, shape and perfections.
  • Clam shells are 18K gold-plated and measure 1cm across.
  • Balls are 5mm gold-tone metal.
  • Earring posts are 24K gold-plated brass.
  • 8.5cm length.
  • Nickel and Lead Free.
  • Each pair come with gold-tone metal bullet butterflies and clear plastic stoppers to minimise the chance you’ll lose an earring!

NB: All prices are in AUD.

P.S. These beauties are handmade, which means that each earring is unique ✨