Choose Your Own Adventure | Earrings

Remember when you were a kid and you’d read those Choose Your Own Adventure books? Well, this is kind of like that, only a lot more fun.

In this adventure, you’re making pretty earrings 

1. Choose your earrings.

You must choose one necklace (sorry, charms can’t be sold separately!)
Earrings are sold as a pair.

2. Choose your charms.

Charms are sold individually, so that you can mix and match. Add ‘2’ if you’d like your earrings to match!

NB: Charms cannot be purchased without earrings.

3. Adventure

Get creative! Add as many (or as few) charms as you’d like to build your stack.

NB: Make sure you hit ‘Add to Cart’ on the review page when you’re happy with your piece!

Please Note: Earrings are sold as a pair. Charms are sold individually.