Sometimes, things go wrong. They break before you’ve had a chance to really wear them, or they tarnish when they shouldn’t, or maybe they just need a little extra TLC.

It’s super disappointing, but nothing to stress over! These things can be repaired or replaced—just get in touch and I’ll make everything right again.

1. Take photos.

 It’s easiest for me to know how to best fix your problem if I can see exactly what it is. It may be something you can easily fix at home, or it might be something you need to send back. Please take 3 photos showing what has happened from different angles.

2. Get in touch.

Send me an email at [email protected] and let me know what’s happened — make sure to attach your photos. I want you to love your Maison de Femmes piece(s) for as long as possible, and believe me when I say I’m just as sad that something has gone wrong as you are! It’ll be perfect again in no time

3. Print the return form.

If it can’t be fixed at home: download, print, and fill out the return form. Include it with your return so I know what the problem is and where to send it back once it’s fixed. Emails can get lost in my inbox, so this just makes it easier to get your piece repaired and back to you as quickly as possible!

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