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What are the meanings behind Angel Numbers?

When I was little, I was fascinated by repeating numbers on digital clocks. It felt like every day I would see 11:11 in the morning and again at night, and it felt insanely personal—like the universe was trying to tell me something. I loved seeing any repeating numbers, and it felt magical when I just happened to see 5:55 or even the wonderful 12:34 staring back at me without waiting for the numbers to tick over. I’d feel a thrill vibrate through my little body—and I still do.

I’ve also felt personally attacked by the number 13 for years. Imbued with bad vibes and evil energies, I wondered if I’d be cursed as a baby or perhaps been a villain in a past life. I’d always glance down at the time to see the minute 13 staring back at me, or check on my food in the microwave to see it stopped, seemingly for an eternity, at second 13. But according to Angel Numbers, the number 13 means focus, change and adaptability, and it’s supported by divine feminine energy. I’ve always struggled with change, and perhaps this is my higher power encouraging me to welcome it, instead.

Grounded in Numerology

Angel numbers, for those unfamiliar, are repetitive or predictable sequences or patterns of numbers, such as 1111, 777, 5656, or 321. They tend to appear in ordinary places like price tags, phone numbers, clocks, or license plates. However, in the realm of numerology, which posits a mystical connection between numbers and events, these angel numbers are perceived as signs from the universe or any higher power one resonates with.

There are no coincidences

The notion that "there are no coincidences" often underpins the interpretation of angel numbers and their messages. Deepak Chopra, in his article "Nothing is Coincidental—Everything is Meaningful," elaborates on this idea, referring to it as synchronicity. He explains that synchronicity implies a higher intelligence orchestrating events so that meaning surfaces unexpectedly. This concept suggests that when we notice certain patterns or sequences, there might be a deeper message waiting to be acknowledged. 

Synchronicity, a facet of numerology, assigns different meanings to various sequences of numbers, considering them as messages from the metaphysical realm. For instance, certain numbers might signal an impending significant change, the closure of a chapter in one's life, or the fruition of hard work.

The origins of Numerology

The origins of numerology date back to ancient times, with followers of the Greek philosopher Pythagoras attributing mystical properties to numbers. They believed, for instance, that even numbers were feminine, odd numbers were masculine, and that the number four symbolised justice. While ten was considered the most perfect number, they hypothesised the existence of a 10th planet, Counter-Earth, perpetually concealed by the sun.

Contemporary understanding of angel numbers owes much to Doreen Virtue, author of several spiritual books from the late '90s and early 2000s, including "Angel Numbers," "Angels 101," and "Messages from Your Angels." In recent years, the term "angel numbers" has gained traction in spiritual circles and on social media, encompassing any striking combination of numbers that prompts one to pause and contemplate. However, it's crucial to recognise that angel numbers are subjective, with interpretation being the key aspect.

Why do I keep seeing repeated numbers?

Whenever one encounters repeating numbers or sequences, the underlying message invites openness to receiving guidance. This could be a one-time occurrence or a recurring phenomenon spanning years. Regardless of the frequency or context, the significance lies in how one interprets it.

Numerology practices like angel numbers often intersect with other esoteric traditions such as astrology or tarot reading. Calculating one's life path number, for instance, is a common numerological practice believed to offer insights into one's personality and life journey.

Ultimately, one doesn't need to be a psychic or a practitioner of metaphysics to resonate with angel numbers. It's about tapping into intuition, taking a moment to centre oneself, and paying attention to the surrounding signs and synchronicities. 

Angel Numbers Meanings & Significance

What does it mean when you see these numbers, and how can you harness their energy in your everyday?


000 or 000


Seeing repeated zeroes? You're at the very beginning of a brand new cycle, a clean slate.

Ask for: The confidence to make big, bold decisions.

Perfect for: Looking for a new relationship or job that is aligned with your authenticity.

111 or 1111


Seeing triple or quadruple one's is your green light from the universe. You are supported: make a wish, plant the seed, follow your dreams.

Ask for: Confirmation that you are on the right path when you are tested.

Perfect for: Calling in your manifestations.


The Maison de Femmes 111 Angel Numbers Choker Necklace.

The Maison de Femmes 1111 Angel Numbers Choker Necklace.



The number two tells you that you're being supported by someone in the spirit realm. Represents balance, harmony, and alignment.

Ask for: Support and divine collaboration when making big decisions.

Perfect for: When you feel like you're at a crossroads and need spiritual guidance.

The Maison de Femmes 222 Angel Numbers Choker Necklace. 



Seeing repeating threes means you're being encouraged to lean into joy and creativity, trusting your own intuition and finding your authentic self.

Ask for: Help trusting your own intuition and owning your creativity.

Perfect for: Anyone who questions themselves instead of knowing their truth.




If you keep seeing repeats of the number four, it means that it's time to feel stable and grounded, leaning into your inner wisdom.

Ask for: Help asking for help from others or your guides.

Perfect for: Setting boundaries and owning your desires.




If you keep seeing the number five, it means that there are big changes ahead—especially if you've been feeling stuck in a rut or waiting for a shift.

Ask for: The ability to lean into change and open yourself up to new possibilities.

Perfect for: Making that change you've been too scared to take.




Not an evil number, six has a gentle and compassionate energy to remind you to treat yourself with kindness, balance, and that everything happens for a reason, even if it's not to plan.

Ask for: Self love, compassion and understanding when things don't go your way.

Perfect for: Those moments when you're too hard on yourself.




If you keep seeing the number seven, it's because there is prosperity and good luck in your near future. It's also a reminder to trust in your instincts and spiritual guidance.

Ask for: Inner wisdom in selecting new, lucrative opportunities.

Perfect for: Bringing a little bit of extra luck into your life.




If the number eight is following you, prosperity and abundance will soon follow. A truly spiritual number, on its side it represents the never-ending infinity, meaning that good vibes and a positive flow is circling you.

Ask for: The ability to let in the good vibes and go with the flow.

Perfect for: When you're ready to step into your power and see things go your way for a change.




If the number nine is circling you, it means a meaningful chapter is about to close and a new ons is about to begin. It's time to release the past and allow new opportunities to come into your life.

Ask for: The ability to let go of the past and welcome new possibilities.

Perfect for: Going through a breakup, your family home being sold, letting go of grief after losing a loved one.




This is a special Angel Number that is sent to encourage you to manifest your dreams. To understand it better, we need to look at each individual number:

  • 1 symbolises new beginnings, freedom and independence.
  • 3 symbolises our connection to the universe and our creative expression.
  • Together, they become 4, which is the number of safety, protection and stability.

Together, the number 13 is a sign from the universe that your hard work and self growth will lead you to a path filled with prosperity and love.

Ask for: Guidance on where to put in the work to find your authentic self.

Perfect for: Anyone going through a rock bottom or looking to level up.




This is a special Angel Number that signifies a cycle coming to an end. To understand it better, we need to look at each individual number:

  • 3 symbolises our connection to the universe and our creative expression.
  • 6 signifies inner strength and harmony.
  • 9 signifies inner rebirth, letting go of what no longer serves us, and transforming into our better selves.

It's a beautiful angel number to see that can have some harsh lessons in letting go, trusting yourself, and welcoming new beginnings.

Ask for: Patience and self care while going through each cycle.

Perfect for: Break ups, loss, new careers or starting or ending chapters in your life.


Is Maison de Femmes introducing an Angel Numbers Collection? Yes! Watch this space and sign up to the newsletter to be the first to know when we launch this meaningful collection. 


Jess Kumanovski

Maison de Femmes founder and creative director.

A hopeful romantic, Jess lives and works in Melbourne, Australia and has always had a particular knack for untangling jewellery and dating idiots. She started Maison de Femmes in 2018 as an escape from the 9-5 office grind, and it's been a magical ride ever since.

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