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Origin Story

I began Maison de Femmes in July 2018 at my parent’s kitchen bench. I’d been working for myself as a freelance digital marketer after spending 5 miserable years in various Melbourne ad agencies, and agreed to house-sit while they holidayed through Europe.

While trying to come up with a name for my own marketing agency, I stumbled upon Maison de Femmes, which translates from French to ‘House of Women’. My developer in Nepal was a woman, and I was working with a female designer who had recently moved to London, so it made a lot of sense that we were a female (power)house making beautiful things.

I ran the name past my Instagram friends, with varied responses. Some people loved it, others hated it, but I distinctly remember thinking, “This is a great name for a label!”—and Maison de Femmes Jewellery was born.

It’s been a life-changing, all-consuming love project for me, growing slowly into a business that makes me happier than any job I’ve worked before. I love meeting my customers and followers, hearing about the things they love (or don’t) about my products and how I can make them better. Creating something with my own hands that is cherished by others on both the biggest days of their lives and their every day is really special to me. This isn’t just jewellery, it’s magic—for me, and for you.

I hope you love what you see in Maison de Femmes as much as I do.

There is magic within.

Jess Xx

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Founder Jess Kumanovski

How do you like your coffee? Black filter coffee in the morning (just like my Nan!) and an oat milk latte for the 3pm slump.

Cute cat! That's my babygirl, Sascha.

Favourite dip? Taramasalata! Olive! Basil Pesto! It’s impossible to choose.

Which TV Show do you watch on repeat? Schitt's Creek. John, the be-bay!

Most important skincare in your arsenal? 50+ SPF! You gotta slip, slop, slap.

Words to live by: There is magic within.

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First design

The Star Jasmine earrings were one of the first designs that I introduced when I started Maison de Femmes. I recently relaunched it into our core collection with gold filled accents.

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There is magic within.

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