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August Birthstone: Peridot

Peridot is the birthstone for August, a beautiful green gemstone that is known for its unique appearance. It is a variety of the mineral olivine, which is found in volcanic rocks and meteorites. The gemstone has been used for thousands of years in jewellery and is still popular today. In this blog post, we will explore the history, properties, and symbolism of peridot.

History of Peridot

Peridot has a long and fascinating history. The gemstone was mined in ancient times on the island of Zabargad, which is now known as St. John's Island. The Egyptians were known to have used peridot in their jewellery as early as 1500 BC. They believed that the gemstone had mystical powers and could ward off evil spirits. The Romans also valued peridot and called it "evening emerald" because of its ability to shine in the evening light. In the Middle Ages, peridot was used to cure diseases of the liver and to ward off nightmares.

Properties of Peridot

Peridot is a unique gemstone with distinct properties. The gemstone has a bright, lime-green colour that is caused by iron in its crystal structure. The colour can range from a yellow-green to a brownish-green. Peridot is a relatively soft gemstone, with a hardness of 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale. It is not a particularly rare gemstone, but high-quality peridot can be quite valuable.

Symbolism of Peridot

Peridot has been associated with many different meanings throughout history. In ancient times, it was believed to have the power to ward off evil spirits and protect the wearer from harm. It was also associated with the sun and was believed to bring happiness and good cheer. Today, peridot is often associated with prosperity, growth, and renewal. It is said to promote self-confidence and help the wearer let go of negative emotions.

A Prized Gemstone

Peridot is a beautiful and unique gemstone that has been valued for thousands of years. Its bright green colour, softness, and association with protection and prosperity make it a popular choice for jewellery. Whether you are celebrating an August birthday or simply appreciate the beauty of peridot, this gemstone is sure to make a statement.

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Jess Kumanovski

Maison de Femmes founder and creative director.

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