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Rachael & Chase

Love, like the stars aligning, brought Rachael Quealy and Chase Murray together in a serendipitous journey that culminated in a breathtaking wedding in Queenstown. From a numerically significant first meeting to a surprise ocean proposal, and finally, a celestial-themed celebration on Friday the 13th, their love story is truly one for the books. In this blog post, we explore the enchanting details of Rachael and Chase's wedding day, from the picturesque venue to the celestial-inspired reception and the ethereal jewellery that adorned the bride.


The Love Story

Chase's love for numbers set the stage for their story, as the couple met on January 1, 2020, just as the world entered a period of chaos. Chase, true to his affinity for numbers, proposed to Rachael in the ocean on February 2, 2022, a perfectly "unplanned" day that took her by complete surprise. The couple tied the knot in the mountains on the auspicious Friday the 13th of October 2023, a day sacred to the goddess of love, Freya.

Favourite Part of the Wedding Day

For Rachael, the most cherished moment was seeing Chase at the end of the aisle against the backdrop of Queenstown's picturesque mountains, surrounded by their loved ones and a sea of flowers.

Wedding Inspiration and Theme

Inspired by Queenstown's stunning landscapes, Rachael and Chase incorporated elements of the mountains, trees, and water into their wedding theme. The reception took on a celestial ambiance, with guests dining beneath a starlight tunnel, and each seat adorned with the guest's star constellation.


Rachael's bridesmaids, her two best friends and her dear little sister, donned earth-toned dresses, each styled uniquely to reflect their individual personalities. The diverse and beautiful trio added a personal touch to the wedding, embracing their individuality and blossoming in their distinct styles.

Jewellery Choice – Fleur & Fleurette Earrings Set

Rachael adorned herself with the Fleur & Fleurette set from Maison de Femmes, choosing pieces that made a statement yet exuded softness. Having worn Maison de Femmes jewellery daily, the bride knew that these ethereal pieces were the perfect complement to her lucky Friday the 13th wedding.

Discovery of Maison de Femmes

Rachael stumbled upon Maison de Femmes through Instagram, captivated by the brand's offerings for both everyday wear and bridal jewellery. The connection was instant, making Maison de Femmes the obvious choice for Rachael's wedding day adornments.

Pure Magic

As Rachael reflects on her wedding day, she wouldn't change a thing. The celestial-themed celebration, the unique attire of her bridesmaids, and the ethereal jewellery from Maison de Femmes all came together to create a day filled with love, magic, and celestial bliss. Here's to Rachael and Chase, whose love story continues to shine as brightly as the stars that witnessed their enchanting union.





Photography: Carla Mitchell Photography - @carlamitchellphotography
Venue: Trelawn Place - Queenstown
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A hopeful romantic, Jess lives and works in Melbourne, Australia and has always had a particular knack for untangling jewellery and dating idiots. She started Maison de Femmes in 2018 as an escape from the 9-5 office grind, and it's been a magical ride ever since.

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